SMUS in the News: Peter Alec Caleb

Times Colonist
August 13, 2014

Peter Alec Caleb, former Headmaster
Peter Alec CALEB (1933 – 2014)

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SMUS in the News: Young Musician Makes a Splash

Times Colonist
July 12, 2014

Erik Lin, Grade 5
Victoria music teacher’s young charge makes a Splash

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SMUS in the News: Texan Teen Meets Prime Minister

The Austin American-Statesman
July 17, 2014

Alessandra Massa ’16
Bastrop teen wins scholarship, meets Canadian prime minister

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SMUS in the News: Rud Recruited to SFU

SFU News
July 9, 2014

Matt Rud ’14
Clan Add Rud to 2014 Recruiting Class

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The Class of 2014


Allow me to speak to one particularly memorable day spent with all of you. Valentine’s Day, 2014. Tradition has been that on Valentine’s Day every year, Grade 12s go see a movie in the afternoon. This year, instead of going to the cinema, we chose to go ice skating. Perhaps it was an effort to burn off all the chocolate and cinnamon hearts we ate that day. Among our many good qualities, we’re also health conscious.

With 145 students there were just enough skates to go around. Unfortunately, when I got to the kiosk they were out of girls figure skates in my size so I was encouraged to try boys hockey skates. Little did I know what a challenge skating in unfamiliar footwear would be. Once we finally tied our skates we headed out to the rink. I watched the rest of you on the ice, friends hand-in-hand gliding round the rink, guys playing hockey at the far end, others clustered by the boards chatting. I picked out Wilfrid, who is from Malaysia, on skates for his very first time stumbling along with friends. I pushed off the boards to go for a glide, and that’s when I realized I had no idea what I was doing.

I did my best penguin impression and thought I was getting somewhere when I found out Wilfrid was lapping me. Lapping! His first time on the rink he was doing better than me! What was more I kept hearing the whoosh whoosh of Jenn Park speed skating round the rink! I knew we were an accomplished class with many hidden talents but little did I know we even have speed skaters in our midst! Inspired by Jenn, I went for it. I pumped my legs and at last had the hang of skating. The day ended in the sweetest way possible when Isabella and Sunmin handed out candy bags.

Conveniently, the Grad 2014 skating trip has provided me with a metaphor for the St. Michaels University School experience as a whole. At the rink that day, we adjusted differently to the ice and, just like when entering Senior School, not all of us found our feet equally quickly. Being a SMUSdent is a balancing act in which we juggle academics, extra-curriculars, friends and evening prep, a task that rivals balancing on millimetre-thin blades of steel.

Thankfully, we have not been alone in our quest to master the metaphorical ice rink that is S-M-U-S. We have had loyal fans and stellar coaches. Our families prepared metaphorical thermoses of hot chocolate and warmed our metaphorical mitts in the dryer before driving us to the Richmond campus. They cheered from those metaphorical stands, coffee cups in hand. After a bad game of academic hockey, they’d assure us that the provincial exams were clearly rigged and next time we were sure to win. Our teachers could always be found at our metaphorical arena, bright and early, ready for us at 8:10 everyday. They were the ones who spelled out new game plans, gave us two-minute penalties when we misbehaved and encouraged us to keep skating when our families weren’t around.

Our school has been a rink where we have been able to grow into individuals: scholars, athletes, musicians, comedians, loyal friends, coaches, learners and explorers. Gliding, playing, shuffling, falling, speeding round and round SMUS with all of you has been a pleasure. This has been our practice time, surrounded by friends, teachers, family. Today, we will untie our skates, hang our tuques (or grad caps), at the door. We will walk out into the daylight of a new arena: The big round world. I look forward to seeing what shoes we will fill, what skills we will acquire and who we will support along the way. Good luck in the big leagues!

The full speeches by valedictorians Lydia and Adam, as well as the entire ceremony are posted on SMUSTube.
You can also browse and download all the photos from the Grade 11 & 12 Closing Ceremony in the SMUS photo gallery. Individual photos of members of the Class of 2014 can be found by typing their full name (eg, Christopher Wedick) into the search bar.
New to the gallery? Read our guide to downloading images.

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Middle School Closing Ceremony


by Jared, Grade 8
Looking back at our years at the Middle School, we are not only filled with very positive memories, but also some hilarious ones too. To start, let’s all go back to the very start of Grade 6. For many, the lead-up was scarier than the actual day. On the very first day of school we met the WEB leaders, the Grade 8 students who seemed so cool, as well as a whole bunch of strange new people, who would immediately be a part of our class.

All of us were praying we wouldn’t forget our locker combination, but sadly mine had to be cut open with a bolt cutter.

Grade 7 is the year when we can glide by, not the youngest and not the oldest. In Grade 8, now you are the oldest, tallest and unquestionably the coolest, yet it still feels as though you are in Grade 6 – those three years fly by very fast. Listen closely Grade 7s: Grade 8 is not any scarier.

You do not get hours and hours of homework as some may have led you to believe. Instead, Grade 8 is filled with new opportunities like Math and Science Challengers. Both are a great opportunity to practice abstract ideas in both these subjects, plus it does impress your teachers. You also have the opportunity to go to Model UN. Model UN is a fantastic experience, although at the beginning it seems incredibly daunting, it is a blast – not only do you get to feel the excitement of a speech you made, you also get to feel outrage towards the person who went after you and tore your speech to shreds.

For anyone who has been in Mr. Pollock’s class at least once, you would have heard this about twenty million times, but here I am to tell you this once more: “We are all the same but different.” In Grade 7, I felt as though I understood it, but this year it is completely clear. We all wear the same uniform, we go to the same school, and of course we are all human (or at least I hope so). We are the same on so many levels, but we each have individuality and our school celebrates this. As we move through high school, we all will have to face new challenges and tasks: provincials, university applications, entrance exams. It is our personal differences that will give us an advantage or something to differentiate us from everyone else. Currently, it seems unmanageable, but we will complete Senior School and look at it as a quick blip of time full of good memories, great friends, and amazing teachers there to back us – just like Middle School. Middle School where we were part of a unique family.

by Olly, Grade 7
My school year has been one of the best school years I have ever had thanks to my fellow classmates. Grade 7 is the best year of Middle School. We are not the new guys (the Grade 6s) or the old guys (the Grade 8s). We are the middle-aged people. We are a very diverse community, some people like athletics, others the arts and some love science. I found with this group of people that we are not what they call cliquey. Everyone (I hope) feels included and welcomed.

The majority of the Grade 7 girls are super into sports. You can ask any of the teachers and they will say that the biggest contributor to Middle School sports are the Grade 7 girls – sorry, boys! SMUS offers many sports such as soccer, basketball and volleyball. I know many people who played or competed on every sports team! Now that’s an accomplishment! The Grade 7 girls basketball team became the City Champions. We were undefeated the whole season and won the playoffs.

This year, the Grade 7s were experimented on. Before you start to worry, just wait: it was a good experiment. You may not know this, but in Grade 6 instead of English and Social Studies they do one course called Humanities. This year in Grade 7, we did Humanities again! Most of the grade really enjoyed it and thought it was fun.

Our grade has many talents. Proof of this is the talent show that happens every year after our out-trips. There was singing, piano and a couple of people even claimed that they could read your mind (we all just went along with it).

From those of us who are middle-aged, we will look forward to taking over the role of being the senior citizens of the Middle School. We will also look forward to being the leaders of the school and to welcoming the new boarders from all over the world and the new day students.

A complete set of photos from the Middle School Closing Ceremony is available in the SMUS photo gallery. New to the gallery? Read our guide to downloading images.

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How to Download Images from the SMUS Photo Gallery

The SMUS photo gallery can be intimidating but if you refer to this post, you will have access to more than 200,000 (and counting) photos from SMUS life.

Currently, there are 12 albums (named by school year) and inside those albums are several more sub-albums, some of them with sub-albums and so on. Yes, there is a lot. Finding an image is quite intuitive though.

Searching the Gallery

Our gift to the Class of 2014 has been to tag each photo with the names of the students in it. If you’re looking for a specific student, type their full name (ie: Christopher Wedick) into the search box in the upper left corner.

Another handy trick is to use the Advanced Search option. Here, you can reduce duplicates by checking different boxes. If you are looking for images from an event (Walk for Water, let’s say) you should have only Search titles selected (as the album would likely be titled Walk for Water). If you are looking for something more generic, try selecting just Search keywords and typing in something like “classroom” or “spirit” or “John Reid” for example. Sometimes the gallery can be a challenge to search because there are so many images. Try different keywords. Simple words are better than long phrases.

Downloading from the Gallery

Go to the school year you are looking for, click the album subject (Junior, Middle, Senior, Alumni, Campus Shots), click the Month and then click the Event. From there you can download the whole album (“Add album to cart”) or select separate images (click on the image and click “Add image to cart”). You can even move from album to album or year to year adding images to your cart.

Once you have all the images you want, go to the pull-down menu that reads “Cart actions” on the right side of the screen. Click it and scroll to “Download in zip”. This will put a compressed zip file into your “downloads” folder (or wherever you choose) where you can open it and do what you like with the photos. Because of the high-resolution of the images, this zip file can be quite large and may take some time to download. You can also right-click the image you want and “Save As”. This will allow you to download the picture to whichever folder you choose.

If you have any questions about the photo gallery please email [email protected].

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2014 Athletic Awards

awardwinnersThe 24th SMUS Athletic Banquet was held June 16. Congratulations to all the athletes who represented the school in 14 varsity sports this year. Award winners are listed below.

Major Awards
(in no particular order)

  • Max Gallant – Athletic Director’s Award (Outstanding Performance in a Single Sport)
  • Michael Baart – Athletic Council Award
  • Emma Donald – Athletic Council Award
  • Matt Rud – Bill Greenwell Award
  • Zachary Kahn – Dalziel Cup (Outstanding Rugby Player)
  • Aveen Glen – Outstanding Junior Athlete
  • David Boroto – Parents’ Auxiliary Sportsmanship Award
  • Charlie White – Sportsmanship Award (runner-up)
  • Jenna Dhillon – Peyton Cup winner
  • Samantha Colby – Peyton Cup (runner-up)
  • Graeme Hyde-Lay – Parents’ Auxiliary Outstanding Male Athlete of the Year
  • Michael Baart – Male Athlete of the Year (runner-up)

Team Awards
(in no particular order)

Senior Boys Soccer Michael Baart Tennis Aline Halliday
Volleyball Paris Lowe Golf Leif Skogland
Girls Cross Country Christina Robillard Senior Girls Soccer Ali Murtland
Boys Cross Country Andrew Williams Rowing Charlie White
Field Hockey Emma Donald Track & Field Laura Woods
Boys Basketball Jordan Lane Cricket Pedro Godoy
Girls Basketball Isabella Gudgeon Rugby Zachary Kahn
Squash Janel Gaube Badminton Porames Ariyapatikul

Be sure to check out the SMUS photo gallery for all the pictures from the Awards Banquet.
Photos by Kent Leahy-Trill

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SMUS in the News: Building Education in Malawi

Saanich News
June 18, 2014

Dariol Haydock
Saanich teachers building education in Malawi

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SMUS in the News: Ann Makosinski’s New Invention

June 17, 2014

Ann Makosinski
Ann Makosinski’s New Invention: A body-heat powered headlamp

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